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Russian camouflage VKBO Russian Camo suit Russian army ...

Russian camouflage VKBO Camo suit Russian digital flora wind moisture protection. ... Russian Replica Tactical Vest 6SH117 Ratnik AK Combat Equipment EMR Molle Bag. $139.50. ... Bars GORKA 3 Genuine Russian Army Uniform Camo Outerwear Suit. $78.99 + $20.00 shipping + $20.00 shipping + $20.00 shipping. 29 watchers 29 watchers 29 watchers.

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Original Russian Army uniform sleeve shirt in Digital Flora EMR camo pattern. GOST quality (official military). cotton 190g/sq.meter. $ 7 .53. Russian Military Face Mask 3 Hole Balaclava Digital Flora Camo EMR - Black. Russian military cotton summer face mask / balaclava. 3 hole. Digital Flora Camo EMRВ or Black.

VKPO (VKBO) Ratnik Uniform

VKPO (Ratnik Uniform) The uniform VKPO (all-season set of field outfits) previously VKBO is designed for wearing in various conditions - high humidity, cold, snow, rain. The set consists of several layers of clothing that can be combined depending on the weather conditions and the level of physical activity.

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 5 Demi-Season Suit EMR ...

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 5 Demi-Season Suit EMR (Digital Flora) 3 reviews. $199.99. This is the 5th layer of the VKPO all season 8 layer clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military. This layer serves as a "shell" layer and keeps the insulation layers underneath from getting wet and dries quickly.

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As a result, BTK Group has developed VKBO uniform system, which also included summer field suit (4th layer) as universal field uniform. The suit is made of "Yelochka" fabric, which is well-breathable and durable enough. Velcro panels at the sleeves allow to remove any patches at a moment and turn to little green man from Russian Armed Forces ...

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1 EMR is a single camouflage pattern, developed at 15 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation as a universal pattern, depending on the color, it can be adapted to a variety of terrain conditions, has good camouflage properties and is the main pattern of the Ratnik combat system.. Currently, EMR is the main camouflage used by the Russian Armed Forces.

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Camo suit uniform color Izlom (fracture) In stock. $26. Select options. Russian army sewn beret (Airborne troops (blue beret), border troops (green beret), marines (black) In stock. $10 $7. Select options. Russian original trouser Gorka-1 by SPLAV.

Russian Digital camo EMR pattern military surplus items

Russian Digital pattern camouflage uniforms EMR camo, hats, bags, military sleeping bags, t-shirts and more items. ... Russian army digital camo 5A class RATNIK MOLLE body armor vest 6b45, with MOLLE slots High.. ... Special Russian digital pixel VKBO uniform on zipper, made for Officers and senior command staff. Ve..

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The vkbo uniform jacket in details: Collar – stand, the volume is regulated by Velcro. The jacket has a central zipper closure with multiple Velcro. The back has two vertical folds for freedom of movement. Velcro on arms for patches. Special pockets on the arms for elbow pads insertions. Velcro adjustment at the bottom of the sleeves.

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A reversible arid version of the EMR pattern has camouflage on one side, with a solid khaki color on the opposite side. Recently, a pixelated version of the flecktarn design has also been worn by some Russian Airborne (VDV) units. This fractal camouflage design has appeared on some prototype uniforms and equipment being tested by Russian in 2014.

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The camouflage pattern of the Ratnik field uniform makes the soldiers less visible to infrared cameras. The uniforms of reinforced-fiber fabric of polymeric compounds protects the soldier against open fire and minor splinters/ballistic shrapnel, while the body armor vest, reinforced by ceramic and hybrid inserts, is effective against small arms ...

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Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 6 Water Proof and Wind Proof Suit EMR (Digital Flora) 2 reviews. $219.99. Add to Wishlist. Russian Cold Camo.

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Russian Army Ratnik VKBO Level 7 Cold Weather Winter jacket Membrane 10000 WRP. ... Russian Army 6sh122 size188/108-112 Ratnik ISSUE dual-sided reversible camo suit. AU $169.86 ... Authentic GORKA 4 "BARS" RUSSIAN UNIFORM,Army combat uniform Military style suit. AU $129.09.

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Overview. The Conscript depicts as a soldier of the Russian Ground Forces in a VKPO Ratnik uniform with EMR camouflage pattern, containing 6B47/6B26/6B27/6B28 Ratnik-BSh Helmet with or without 6B50 dust and impact goggles, VKBO balaclava, Ratnik VKBO jacket with or without 6B51 elbow pads, 6B43/6B45/6B46/6Sh117 body armor, camo combat gloves, camo trousers with or without 6B51 …

Jacket DS-3 Policia 58$ Wear and uniform by ANA

Jacket DS-3 Policia 58$ Wear and uniform by ANA. Language. English; Deutsch; Français; ... ORIGINAl Russian army Ratnik VKBO goretex waterproof suit EMR camo digital flora.

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Russian Army VKBO Summer suit uniform + Cap Ratnik EMR Original by BTK. Brand New. $70.00. From Russian Federation. ... New Original Russian Army Knee & Elbow pads set 6B51 Ratnik in EMR camo. Brand New. $73.00. From Russian Federation. or Best Offer +$15.00 shipping. Last one. ... Summer Suit RATNIK VKBO in Digital Flora by BTK Russian ...

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8,82 € 9,00 € -2% In Stock. Russian Army Belt. New generation of Russian Army Belt consists of a waist belt with a two-pin buckle and two loops with half rings. According to Russian military traditions, the belt is an inseparable part of military equipment. VKBO Army belt is the successor to the old Soviet belt.

: Bars Reversible Suit Ratnik | EMR Digital ...

The set included reversible suit with camouflage net that also act as a mosquito net, suspenders on buttons and carrying bag. This is a latest version of modern suit …

Russian Digital Flora Emr

Digital Flora EMR Camo Winter Mittens Gloves Russian Military VKBO 19,01 $ ... Ratnik Universal Shelter Tent 6SH120 Groundsheet 51,46 $ ... Russian Army Uniform Digital Flora VKBO Camo BDU Suit EMR 82,44 $ – 98,92 $ Russian Army Ushanka Digital Flora Camo 25,83 $

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6SH122 Russian digital masking uniform 2 sided reversible double camo Ratnik TacticalRussia 4.5 out of 5 stars (209) ... Russian army winter BALACLAVA OLIVE new army issue VKBO Ratnik wool/poly blend SmallWorldRU 4.5 out of 5 stars ... Face protection Goggles 6B50 Ratnik tactical combat gear TacticalRussia 4.5 out of 5 stars (209)

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Bilateral camo masking suit of the new generation Ratnik by BARS digital pixel camouflage (double-sided). Reversible sides are Russian Army digital camo and and desert EMR pixel, depending on the need for a type of camouflage. Developed for the Russian army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Suit..

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Original Russian Army 2016 NEW VKBO RATNIK Summer Uniform Suit digital flora RipStop! ... VKBO 7th layer Waistcoat. $59.72 Vest insulated lined Beginning Seasons set of combat clothing (VKBO). Production of BTX Group. ... Hunting and Survival Equipment, Sleeping Bags, Army Camping Supplies, Gorka-3 uniform, Gorka-4 uniforms, Russian camo ...

Gorka 3K, khaki / EMR

Field uniform for special units GORKA VITYAZ LTD, OKP 858 211, GOST 24870 Made in Russia. 1. The cloth is in compliance with requirements for military field uniform and is used for everyday wear in combat conditions for diversion & scout units. 2.

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Suit Summer VKBO Jacket, windbreaker VKBO Vest insulated VKBO Suit Demiseason VKBO (soft shell) Suit Weatherproof VKBO ("membrane") Suit VKBO winter Underwear wicking lightweight short Underwear wicking lightweight long Balaclava VKBO Scarf VKBO Baul VKBO Additionally Underwear fleece fleece Jacket Cap VKBO Hat with ear-flaps VKBO Warm Mittens VKBO Gloves VKBO Belt …

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VoenSklad - Store Russian Ratnik Military Gear. 760 likes · 1 talking about this · 2 were here. Our shop suggests modern Russian Army equipment, all layers of VKPO set, Ratnik kit, military cloth,...

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Russian Military Flora Camo Cap VSR. 9,99 €. size 56 (7 or S) 58 (7 1/4 or M) 60 (7 1/2 or L) 62 (7 3/4 or XL) badge not needed Russian military regular- 3,00 € Russian military subdued- 3,00 € Soviet officer- 3,00 € Soviet soldier- 3,00 €. $11.44.

ORIGINAl Russian army Ratnik VKBO goretex waterproof suit ...

Original BTK VKBO goretex waterproof suit EMR camo digital flora, new and rare uniform. Ingredients: nylon, wind waterproof membrane. Waterproof: 10,000 mm vodn.stolba. Water vapor permeability: 22000 g / m2 / 24h. Product Weight: 834 grams.

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Winter uniform "VKBO" PIXEL camouflage. The uniform consists of jacket (on zipper), pants (on zipper), and vest. It is made of special waterproof fabric. Combination of excellent air exchange, dirt-protective and water-repellent qualities of fabrics allow the use of costume in the field. Freedom of movement, comfort and ease of use fully sati..

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Review VKBO (VKPO) VKBO (all-season set of basic uniforms) is a new field uniform of the Russian army. The full set includes 18 items of equipment. Most of the positions can be combined with each other to optimize the outfit for the temperatures from -40 ∞C to +15 ∞C. the equipment IS suitable for use in cold, wind, rain, warm weather.