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The Chest Rig is a vest worn by several BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent factions in ArmA 3. A simple harness with a hydration pack attached, Chest Rigs provide a decent amount of storage space at minimal cost to the wearer's stamina. It weighs a "mass" of 20 and provides enough room for 140 units of ammunition/gear. Capacity-wise, Chest Rigs possess the same amount of space as Tactical Chest ...

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Chest Rigs and Tactical Vests. NC Star selection of Vest and Chest Rigs for your consideration. Showing 1–24 of 29 results ... Police Assault Vest CONTACT DETAILS. Kejo Limited Company. PO Box 7936. Clearwater, FL 33758. Tel 1-727-4433455 Office. After Hours 1 …

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Tactical Tailor ACU rack MAV Modular Assault Vest with pouches for ammo. Used Tactical Tailor ACU MAV rack with two double 5.56 pouches and to large general pouches. The general pouches look to be used little. If you need a chest rig tailored to your mission. Then …

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Tactical Assault Gear, known throughout the world as TAG, was founded in 2001 in a 1,000 square foot retail shop in Imperial Beach, CA. Today TAG stays true to its founding vision to create and develop cutting edge tactical gear for today's Military and Law Enforcement who are protecting our country.

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The Golden come clean Warriors were the feel good explanation of 2007 warrior assault systems low profile chest rig. A team of young, motivated players that seemingly came out of nowhere and swiped the number eight seed in the Western Conference, they went upon to miraculously eradicate the Dallas Mavericks in a first round seven game series, knocking off the team when the NBA's best book ...

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Outfit yourself like an operator with any of our great selection of MOLLE vests and chest rigs from trusted brands like Voodoo Tactical, NcSTAR and others! ... Voodoo MSP 06 Entry Assault Vest Black 20-8112001335 Voodoo MSP 06 Entry Assault Vest Black 20-81120013... 5.0. List Price $76.95

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A simple vest, often featuring velcro on the outside for patches and pockets for soft armour and plates. These rigs are not load-bearing equipment alone but are usually worn with a belt, chest rig or assault vest. The utility of these vests in airsoft is to provide a little bit of extra protection against bb hits, particularly on the lower ...

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The Minimalist Assault Chestrig (MAC) is based on the same design principles as the Underground Partisan Chestrig, but with the added capability to carry 4x double-stack pistol magazines.This rig is as minimalist as it gets, while still being able to carry a comprehensive rifle and handgun load-out.

VTAC Assault Chest Rig

The VTAC Chest Rig was designed using the lightest, yet durable materials in the industry. The VTAC Chest Rig comes ready for action with 4 built in M-4 magazine pouches, 2 Radio Pouches, 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches, and two General Purpose pouches. This vest was designed by Special Operations Soldiers to give the Operator a lightweight, low ...

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Fun Gun Gear Reviews Presents: Chest Rigs & Assault Vest. Here are some of my Set ups for my M4/AR15 rifles and applications for the AK rifle. US Grunt Gear:...

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CombatSportSupply: $29.95. You Save: $12.04 (29 %) Lightweight MOLLE Utility Vest offers breathability, durability, and versatility. The tactical vest is constructed with a breathable mesh front that features MOLLE loops on each side for pouches or accessories. …

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Vest and chest rigs are a game changer when people are on the move. It not only acts as a protective barrier but a useful hold all kit. The easy accessibility the vests and chest rigs provide to hunters or people engaged in competitive shooting sport is extremely beneficial. There are many versatile vests and chest rigs available in the market.

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If you search for a lighter alternative to your heavy tactical vest or plate carrier, look no further. Check out a full range of high-quality combat chest rigs available at Military 1st. Our UK based online store offers a broad selection of durable and functional MOLLE chest rigs, harnesses and holsters.

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Pathfinder Chest Rig W-EO-PCR The PCR is an excellent addition to the Warrior Assault Systems product line. Designed to work as a compact Chest Rig in stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with Warrior's Recon Carrier System (RPC).

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Chest Rigs & Tactical Vests In need of a chest rig or assault vest? Our large range is sure to provide various options to suit your needs. MOLLE chest rigs that allow you to chose the best layout and configuration for each individual mission and remove the need to own multiples.

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Meanwhile, it has an extra adjustable strap to connect it to the chest rig panel with Original heave duty UTX Buckle. R.A.C.K Utility Pack, The Canteen Pouch with stash-away flap holds more frag, 40mm grenades, or NVG's, and the utility IFAK Pouch 2.8"x4.7"x6.3" (W*H*L), can accommodates AN/PRC-126 radio or general purpose first aid kits.

Rapid Assault Chest Rig - MCR6 Chest Rig - Condor Outdoor

Great chest rig, I love it. I triwd vests and plate carriers and find this one the most optimal. I am 5'7, 160 lbs and a bit wide on the upper back and the chest rig fit me perfectly if you are taller, it'll fit even better. I did also get the 242 hydration pack and it fit even tighter The pocuhes are great.

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Very rare authentic PLA issue Type 91 assault vest for QBZ assault rifle 4 magazine pockets, 4 grenade pockets REFERENCE PHOTOS FOR TRADE "CHICOM" AK47/type-56 CHEST RIGS authentic PLA issue These authentic Chicom AK chest rigs are military surplus. Excellent condition but color may vary. Holds up to 3 AK magazines.

Tactical Vests & Chest Rigs | U.S. Patriot

Tactical Vests and Chest Rigs. Tactical vests and chest rigs are designed to expand your carrying capacity while ensuring rapid access to mission-essential gear. Avoiding heavy conflict is always ideal, but, when the scrum is unavoidable, make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. When should you use a tactical vest?

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Protect your chest and torso with Vests, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs. Many chest rigs and plate carriers have MOLLE webbing for increased modularity in build allowing you to attach airsoft tactical gear, such as Airsoft MOLLE Magazine // Accessory Pouches.The Vests and Plate Carriers are made of extremely durable nylon for increased longevity.


52998 STRIKE VEST / CHEST POUCH. FEATURES: MFG: AWS, Inc Military grade quality. 4 ea M-16 30 rnd magazines. Or 4 ea MP-5 9mm mags. 1 ea 9mm or .45 cal pistol mag. Small & compact. Adj. shoulder straps w/ QR buckles. Black Berry compliant. MADE IN USA. This is an "old school"...

Warrior Assault Systems Falcon Chest Rig

The Warrior Assault Systems Falcon Chest Rig is designed to work as a compact Chest Rig in standalone configuration. The FCR accommodates 8 x M4 style mags with adjustable bungee retention which allows AK mags to be easy changed out. There are a total of 4 utility pouches. The end pouches can hold MBITR 148 radios, there are elastic loops for ...

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Assault Vests. Assault vests were originally issued by the British and Americans as a webbing alternative in WW2; they were later refined by the Rhodesians and South Africans during their bush wars before becoming more common with other nations. ... Jungle- Webbing is best, vests and chest rigs can be more comfortable but are hot and they trap ...

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Outfit yourself like an operator with any of our great selection of MOLLE vests and chest rigs from trusted brands like Voodoo Tactical, NcSTAR and others! ... Voodoo MSP 06 Entry Assault Vest Medium OD Green 20-8112004335 Voodoo MSP 06 Entry Assault Vest Medium OD Green 2... 0.0. List Price $85.04 Our Low Price $59.95 Showing 24 of 48 Items

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Tactical Tailor ACU rack MAV Modular Assault Vest with pouches for ammo. Used Tactical Tailor ACU MAV rack with two double 5.56 pouches and to large general pouches. The general pouches look to be used little. If you need a chest rig tailored to your mission. Then …

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Warrior Assault Systems 901 Elite Ops M4 Bravo Chest Rig. $300.00 $254.95. On Sale. 5.11 Tactical TacTec Chest Rig. $190.00 $94.99. Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Centurion Chest Rig. $135.99. On Sale. Warrior Assault Systems Falcon Chest Rig.

Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig | U.S. Patriot Tactical

The Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig allows you to quickly and easily access your spare M4 mags when the ops tempo kicks into high gear and you simply gotta move. The rig also provides awesome, locked-down storage while you are in transit or on the move.Condor has designed this rapid assault chest rig with six open-top M4 mag pouches.

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russian combat tactical assault vest smersh ak chest rig is designed to carry ammunition through cross-country terrain, as well as for carrying the signal devices, communication, medicine chest, mre for one day, ground sheet, engineering ammunition and others. the set consists of: - 2 pouches for 5...

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Tactical Assault Gear Intrepid Chest Rig ICR1 designed as a single platform for full combat load out. This Tactical Assault Gear Chest Rig is great for carrying multi tools and folding knives.The TAG Intrepid Chest Rig has a universal pistol pouch which provides the ability to carry eight 5.56 magazines or four pistol mag that are 9mm, .40cal or .45 ACP. . Use the center of the main body …

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We manufacturer every product at Tactical Tailor to be Berry Compliant, which means that it's the highest in house quality possible. All of our vests ranging from our Fight Light Series, to our Modular Assault Vests are covered in MOLLE and PALS webbing to for ease of use in the field, and with various pouches, and equipment.

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Vests / Chest Rigs. Displaying products 1 - 80 of 162 results: Show: Sort: Page 1 of 3: Page 1 2 3: Combat Sport Supply Foam Stress Grenade ... Condor Outdoor Rapid Assault Chest Rig MCR6 *Contact For Availability* Condor Outdoor LCS OPs Chest Rig . MSRP: $41.95. CombatSportSupply: $35.95. You Save: $6.00 (14 %)