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Hanger | AR500 Armor of the Armored Republic

Hanger. SKU. AR500-Hanger. $20.00. Finally a hanger strong enough to hold your fully-loaded Plate Carrier & Body Armor: The AR500 Hanger. Part novelty but mostly function. Constructed from our tried and true Ballistic Core utilized in our Level III Hard Body Armor line, and coated with our industry-leading Spall & Fragmentation Mitigation Coating.

: Original Tough Hook | Heavy Duty, …

Sturdy hanger for your tactical vest. I've broken a few standard hangers and give through the pain of trying to use sturdy wooden hangers for hanging my tactical vest. ... It was for a someone to use for a external ballistic vest and should fulfill the task. I am disappointed whenever I receive something different from pictured item. I ...

Ballistic Helmets & Tactical Helmets | Hard Head Veterans

Up-armor plates: When used with our ATE helmets, these ceramic armor plates can provide extra protection by helping defeat most rifle rounds. The combination of silicon carbide and polycarbonate materials and compressed viscoelastic padding offers the ideal balance of strength and comfort.

Police Vest | Etsy

Police, First Responder Gear Hanger and Uniform Display. Ballistic vest, Riot Gear, Class A/Dress Uniform Display. Thin Blue Line MeyerID 5 out of 5 stars (6) $ 95.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Loading Kid's Police Uniform Costume - Embroidery PERSONALIZED, Authentic, High-Quality! ...

Get the Tough Hanger XL on Sale ⋆ Chase Tactical

The most Ultimate most Robust regular looking hanger ever – The Tough Hanger XL is the largest addition to the Tough Hook line. The Tough Hanger XL is a multipurpose, multi-use, heavy duty hanger. It has the looks of a standard regular hanger, but there's nothing regular about it.

Buying a Bulletproof Vest? Here's How To Find The Best One

A bulletproof vest is a piece of protective equipment made with ballistic (bullet) resistant materials such as Kevlar, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), ceramic, or steel. These materials allow a bullet or other projectile to hit the vest but not penetrate into the wearer's body. The gear essentially fits like a typical vest ...

Body Armor | Ballistic Plates | Plate Carrier Vests

Body Armor and Ballistic Protection. Body armor is a type of protective clothing designed to deflect or absorb projectile attacks. While ballistic protection from firearm ammo is the primary use for body armor, the level of protection extends to absorbing stab impact from knives and from items being thrown in the direction of the wearer.

Flak Vest Hanger | Officer

Body Armor Protection Flak Vest Hanger. Nov. 8, 2007 Related To: RUSS INNOVATIONS & FLAK VEST HANGERS. View Image Gallery ...

Armor Plates - Ballistic Plate Carriers, Armor Plating for ...

Armor Plates - Ballistic Plate Carriers, Armor Plating for Tactical Vests, Body Armor Plates, Soft Armor Plates, Cool Armor Plates & More! — 269 products / 747 models — Page 1 A tactical vest is a fantastic way to carry extra gear when you absolutely need it, but in potentially dangerous situations the most important thing you can use your ...

Police Duty Bulletproof Vest trade

: bulletproof vest hanger. DODCO Heavy Duty Gold Thick Aluminum Metal Bullet Proof/Resistant Vest, Body Armor, Tactical, Police, Life Vest, Scuba Vest Hangers Made in The USA 4.8 out of 5 stars 6 DODCO Heavy Duty Silver Thick Aluminum Metal Bullet Proof/Resistant Vest, Body Armor, Tactical, Police, Life Vest, Scuba Vest Hangers Holder Made in The USA

Talos Ballistics Fenix BBL Compression ... - Bulletproof Zone

At Bulletproof Zone, we ensure that you get the absolute best prices for Bulletproof Vests, Plate Carriers, Bulletproof Clothing, Bulletproof Backpacks, as well as other tactical gear and safety products, all while ensuring the highest quality. For us, providing products of the …

body armor hanger for sale | eBay

Body Armor AR500 Level 3 Set Of Plates Curved 10x12 Swim/Sapi. Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 3 product ratings. - Body Armor AR500 Level 3 Set Of Plates Curved 10x12 Swim/Sapi. $86.95. Trending at $88.95. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

: bulletproof vest hanger

Bulletproof Vest Hanger. This bulletproof vest hanger is great for holding your gear or for displaying BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests in your store. They are black plastic and can hold a whole bunch of weight. The upturned ends prevent your bulletproof vest from sliding off when you take it out of the closet.

Heavy-duty Hanger by BLACK+GRAY – tactical gear, ballistic ...

Heavy-duty hanger holds over 150 lbs of protective gear. Extra wide, adjustable shoulders designed to properly support your hard to hang garments. Great for personal protective gear, tactical gear, ballistic gear, combat gear. Hangers have strong clips …

Ballistic Helmets | Combat & Tactical Helmets for Police

Ballistic Helmets for Military and Law Enforcement. Traditionally paired with a ballistic vest and other bullet resistant body armor pieces, the ballistic helmet was designed for the purpose of protecting military and law enforcement members from firearm discharge.The initial designs for ballistic helmets were reliant on Kevlar layers for protection, while modern ballistic helmets use ...

The Original Tough Hook Hanger by Tough ... - Bulletproof Zone

The Original Tough Hook Hanger is a heavy duty hanger that was specially designed to hang, hold, and carry over 150 lbs. of clothing, heavy equipment. Order The Original Tough Hook Hanger by Tough Hook® today from Bulletproof Zone. FREE Shipping & Insurance on all of our Bulletproof Zone Body Armor and Tactical Gear.

Spartan™ Omega™ AR500 Body Armor Level III | Ballistic Plates

Bulletproof Vest Plates AR500 Steel Plates . Spartan Armor AR500 Steel Plates. AR500 steel plate s are ballistic plates /inserts used in plate carriers. Body armor plates are used to protect the wearer against serious injuries from high-impact direct hits and abrasions from small arms fire, incoming shrapnel and knife threats. AR500 is the same steel alloy used in body armor plates sold to ...

Tough Hook | Heavy Duty Hanger | 150 lb Load Capacity ...

This item: Tough Hook | Heavy Duty Hanger | 150 lb Load Capacity | Hang Scuba Wear, Tactical Equipment, Ballistic Vest, Body Armor, Plate Carrier, Hunting and Motorcycle Gear £44.32 Usually dispatched within 3 to 4 days.

Jericho Hangers -

For those wondering if this will hold a vest with ar500 plates, it will with ease plus accessories. I have my vest with 4 plates, 4 full AR mags, 2 pistol mags, med kit, …

Storing body armor? : konmari

Can it hang on a hanger? I have a crash vest for equestrian sports, so it's a similar concept but possibly lighter than ballistic material. I hang it in a spare closet with my show jacket. Edit: I just re-read that yours is the kind with plates. Could you build a hanger for it if it's too heavy for a normal one?

Coyote TOUGH HOOK Tactical Equipment Hanger

Dimensions: 15.85" X 0.9" X 9.9". Nearly indestructible hanger designed to hang, hold and carry over 150 pounds. Works amazing for body armor, ballistic vests and plate carriers. Also works great for heavy equipment, scuba diving gear, camping gear, hiking gear and outdoor sports gear. Integrated carry grip handle for easy transportation.

Body Armor products from CopQuest | (800) 728-0974

Safariland Armor 2.0, SX Ballistic Panels. Safariland Armor 2.0, Xtreme Ballistic Panels. HANGERS: Tough Hanger. Tough Hook Original. IDENTIFICATION: CONSTABLE ID Patches - 6x2 - White Lettering. EMS ID Patch - Star of Life - 11 x 4 - Gold Lettering.

Hangers In Bulk - Wholesale Hangers | American Retail Supply

American Retail Supply offers wide variety of Bulk Clothing Hangers - wooden, plastic, suit, pant and skirt, top hangers, & children.The quality is durable and offered in different sizes in bulk. Hangers are a great product to use to help organize your business. Different types of hangers are used for certain clothing items to reduce or stop the risk of causing damage to your items.

Body Armor and Bulletproof Vest Hanger

Bulletproof Vest Hanger. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is one of the lightest-weight bulletproof vests on the market, ranging from just 5 to 7 pounds depending on which size you need. It is made of sturdy and durable plastic and can hold up to 150 pounds, …

Tactical Vest Duty Belt Hangers | SPEC-OPS BRAND

With input from numerous agencies we developed a system where the operator can quickly & easily join their 2 primary load carrying systems (Vests & Duty belts) into one. FEATURES & BENEFITS: • SIMPLE & FAST: 4 quick attach, quick-release hangers securely attach load bearing "Duty" belts to Modular Ballistic vest systems.

Armor Accessories | Body Armor Outlet

BAO Tactical Atlas Vest Hanger, Black The Worlds Strongest Coat Hanger This is a unique coat hanger that... BAO Tactical Pair of 1155 Level IV Side Plates, Single Curve, 6x6. ... Ara-Shock ICW Plate Upgrade your level ll soft armor up to level lllA ballistic protection! Introducing a new... Armor Express Poly-Shock Plate. $127.99.

Shop Tactical Gear and Accessories - Bulletproof Zone ...

The Indestructible Tough Hanger XL by Tough Hook® $40.00 $19.99. 1; 2; 3 … 15 → Category. Plate Carriers; Bulletproof Vests; Ballistic Helmets; Plates; Bulletproof Clothing; Bulletproof Bags & Backpacks; Body Armor Packages; Safe Rooms and Shelters; Other Gear; All Products; Price. Up to $200; $200 - $500;

Tough Hook Heavy Duty Tactical Equipment Hanger

Description. The Tough Hook hanger is specially designed to hang, hold and carry heavy equipment, easily supporting over 150 lbs. Designed by an US Army Sergeant, the Tough Hook is purpose built to hang, store and carry heavy equipment. Tough Hook's uniquely designed to fit the needs of individuals & companies who rely on a heavy duty hanger ...

Tough Hook Hanger -

The Tough Hook Hanger is purpose built to hang, hold and carry all of your tactical gear ... Level IIIA Ballistic Vests Level II Ballistic Vests Plate Carriers Hard Armor Plates Body Armor Accessories Ballistic Helmets Ballistic Shields. Eye Protection. Sunglasses Safety Glasses Goggles Goggle Accessories. Hearing Protection.

UK Super BC Hangers - Botach

Finally, a hanger designed specifically for holding a BC Vest and regulator during drying and stoarge. It is built sturdy with high quality non-corrosive materials for safe drying. The Super BC Hanger is also ideal for use with police vests, body armor and bulletproof vests.

Tough Hook - Caliber Armor

Tough Hook Original Hanger is heavy duty and designed to hang, hold and carry over 150 lbs. of equipment. Perfect for your Caliber Armor tactical plate carrier. These hangers are designed my an US Armor Sergeant. This extends the functional life of your gear. Multi-purpose design Integrated, carry grip handle for easy transportation of your plate carrier I-beam construction and impact ...