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U.S. Army Uniforms

Soldiers are permitted to sew the name tape, U.S. Army tape, rank, and all authorized badges on all camouflage patterns of the combat uniform, Universal Camouflage Pattern, OEF-CP, and OCP.

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Table 6-6-1 Service Equivalent Uniforms

Uniform Tropical Blue Long Summer White Class "C or D" 2: Class "B" Service Uniform Tropical Blue: WORKING UNIFORMS ... Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)/ Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)/ Coast Guard Utility (CGU)/ Coast Guard Utility-Light (CGU ...

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As issued during the 1991 Gulf War, this uniform was identical to the No. 9 DPM tropical uniform, except for the multi-tone desert camouflage. This was quickly replaced with a two-tone desert version of DPM camouflage (the base colour and one other).

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The Luftwaffe tropical uniform differed significantly from the Army version. Air force uniforms were made of a yellowish-khaki cotton twill that proved to be a more effective camouflage color in the North African desert than Army olive, although the latter did fade to a sage-tan color with use and sun exposure.


In 1967, ERDL camouflage tropical uniforms began seeing service with reconnaissance and Special Forces personnel. The uniforms were also highly favoured by the US Marines, and Australian and New Zealand special forces teams deployed there. The original ERDL pattern was predominantly green printed on a cotton poplin fabric with later versions ...

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MultiCam Tropic is the optimal camouflage pattern for tropical environments, where staying out of sight depends on how closely the predominant colours and shapes of your concealment system mimic those of the surrounding green and darkly lush vegetation.

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Heer Tropical Uniform. Third pattern 1944 dated tropical tunic with black piped shoulder straps indicating the rank of an Unteroffizier in the Engineers. Regulation third pattern tunic has a tropical pattern eagle in the typical high placed position unique to these later tunics.

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German Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic - WWII. Reproduction of the German Luftwaffe WWII Tropical Tunic. Excellent quality cotton twill fabric. The Tropical Tunic features pleated pockets with scalloped flaps, cotton twill, split cuffs, shoulder board loops and pebble finish buttons. Sku: 124-900200.

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This uniform was descended from the tropical combat uniform of the Vietnam War and consisted of a coat made of a nylon and cotton blend in woodland pattern camouflage with matching trousers, and a ...


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German Luftwaffe Paratrooper Tan and Water Camo Smock - WWII Repro. This is an accurate reproduction of the Tan and Water Camouflage paratrooper smock as used by the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger. ... Our German M40 Tropical Pants WW2 Reproductions are replicas of the Tropical 1940 Uniform Pants. The M40 Tropical Pants come in cotton twill fabric ...

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1,151 posts. Share. #12. Posted December 17, 2019. The US military used a specialized jungle/tropical uniform throughout a large portion of the Vietnam War, when the standard issue uniform was the cotton sateen OG-107 shirt/pants. Worked pretty well back then, and I dont hear many complaints about that decision.

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MARPAT is the military camouflage pattern adopted by the United States Marine Corps as a replacement for the Camouflage Utility Uniform (in use since 1977). MARPAT has an interesting history. Developed by designer Tim O'Neill, MARPAT is a digitized pattern, in which smaller pixels take the place of the blobs and swirls found on conventional camo.

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DOT 44 CAMO FIELD TUNIC. $ 99.95. FIELD GRADE REPRODUCTION WWII GERMAN WAFFEN DOT 44 CAMO FIELD TUNIC SIZE OPTIONS: I (36-40R) II (41-44R) III (44-48R) IV (48-52R) In early 1944, the Waffen-SS SS introduced a new uniform, meant to replace the pullover camouflage smocks as well as extend the service life of the wool uniform.

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Introduced in 1990, Flecktarn camouflage is one of the most known European camo patterns, widely used by all Bundeswehr service branches. Also known as Flecktarnmuster or Fleckentarn, it is a 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-color disruptive camouflage, the most common being the 5-color pattern, consisting of both dark and light green, black, red-brown and green brown or tan.

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As the Tropical Combat Uniform (jungle fatigues) became more plentiful in Vietnam, they began to replace the OG-107 Uniform in combat units. A rough timeline is that line infantry units from "standard" divisions (non airborne and SF) began receiving jungles in the Spring of 1966 and the OG-107 was slowly relegated to use in rear areas.

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Foreign Legion Combat Uniform. Between the 1970s and the mid-2010s, the Foreign Legion used the French olive Uniform F1 and, since 2000, the camouflage Uniform F2 (the same cut as F1). Between 2015 and 2020, the Foreign Legion fully adopted new (but provisional) tactical French uniforms in the U.S. Army style.

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1,151 posts. Share. #12. Posted December 17, 2019. The US military used a specialized jungle/tropical uniform throughout a large portion of the Vietnam War, when the standard issue uniform was the cotton sateen OG-107 shirt/pants. Worked pretty well back then, and I dont hear many complaints about that decision.

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Camouflage Patterned (UCP) Flame Resistant (FR) Army Combat Uniforms (ACU) ... 332/2010 Service Dress Tropical (Class B with Ribbons) Uniform, dated 28 October 2010; ALARACT 203/2010 Changes to the Wear Policy for the Identification Badges Outlined in AR 670-1, paragraph 29-18, dated 1 July

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The Tropical Combat Uniform or as more popularly known, the Jungle Fatigue is the greatest uniform ever fielded by the US Army. The cut of the uniform was derived from the 1942 Parachutist Uniform with its angled chest and lower cargo …

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These uniforms were also worn up until the end of the war in Italy. My figure wearing the full tropical tunic and trousers is a simple conversion from the Grenadier set, whilst his colleague simply had his trousers painted sand. Camouflage Uniforms